Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Brain Damaging Tuesday.
If my total no. of brainCell is 100%, 50% of it is Dead.
10% becos of Understanding Test.
20% to solve today's Computing Problem.
10% died during Work.
Remaining 10% stoned.
UT was bad. The last UT i got a C+ (8 out of 35)
This time, i dun understand a single question,so command myself using this code:
"Dim answers as NewRandom"
When executed, i anyhow put in numbers :)
Computing Today was Quite Difficult.
I think i got serious STM. (short term memory)
I cannot remember orders at work.
Customer order this this this, i wrote down.
When supposed to sent them their food, i forgot which customer :(
I would like to thank Cheryl for helping me buy my Pie (:
I was so Damn Hungry during Work den you came!
You wrote "Specially baked for Hungry ANdy"
Thanks :) Although is not you bake de, but appreciate it.