Monday, November 19, 2007


MSN Down in School Today!
So helpless. When someone stepped into class this Morning,
Amelia would shout "MSN down today"
The person's Expression would be "wat?!"
Lucky there's ebuddy which Zhiying intro:I did a SUPER silly thing today.
5.30pm: Nurul and i getting ready to go home.
We are the last to leave the class,While Walking to interchange.
Den i realised something, I looked at Nurul, shocked.
I think she read my mind, and she said "Handphone"
I LEFT MY HANDPHONE IN CLASS!(it was charging)
We chiong back to school. Climbed up the Ramp.
Then Climbed the Stairs to the 5th floor,Cannot access to the building.
Then realised the door at the stairs was LOCKED.
Climbed Down again.Thinking of alternatives...
Then, Lucky one faci helped us open the door,
then we chiong up to W35F.
*Gasping for Air* u feeling it?
Some Pictures to share before i end this post.
Sushi Computer.
Piano Building.