Monday, November 12, 2007

*Historical Moment*

Guess what? All 5 of us came to school!Xiao mei, Me(Da ge), Peggy, Da jie, Xiao Di
Tried to get the Perfect shot but always got someone's face get cut off de...
I had to get some Stranger(which i claim to know) to help us take the photo above (:
It's not everyday where all 5 of us will come to school and meet During break...*Historical Moment*
Monday Blues.Boring SCience
Cardigan nice? My classmate de (:
After sChool, hangOut with My "Siblings" At CWP, Mac.
Realised i miss them so Much. All the laugh, Lame-ness, Suan(s)
No One can Replace Them, ❤
My Goal now: Save $1 everyday. In 50Days, i can buy Havianas le (:
There are others out there...