Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hungry, Hungry!

Raining Super Heavily Today.
Had a New Colleague.A rather feminine guy.
Suppose to teach "him" some stuff.
After teaching, Our conversation:
Me: If u dunno anything, u can ask me...
"Him: ok, what's your age?"
I was like, "WTH, i mean anything about work!?" OMG
My manager call him a "her", sister (:
NeverMind about "her", Had Pizza Hut after Work!
Ate Dinner @ Tampines Mall. So freakin' Hungry.
Ordered 3 Regular Pan Pizza.Cos Super Hungry!
Heard of this Phrase? "A hungry man is an angry man"
First came the Honey Wings, in 5 Mins, this is what was left (above) SupeR Sian Waiting for my Pizzas... Finally! Eat and Eat and Eat (:
TomoRRow school again...*Yawn*
Need For Speed!