Thursday, November 1, 2007

Yakurt :)

Late for school. Arrived in class @ 9.30am. Ate at Food haven with Nurul before going to class.
Arrived in class, " i greeted everyone - Morning!"
My ENTERPRISE faci(the irritating one) : Are u sure u are sorry?
(He used to say to those late comers, are u really sorry? The class can do with a treat)
I replied: "I did not even say sorry"
I think he *stunned*

So i am predicting another C grade today :) i am used to it.
I told my classmates, even if i did something, i would still get a C grade, so might as well...
Oh ya, see anything wierd about the photo above?

\Alright, the thing is that, look into each individual bottle of yakurt, you will realise there's nothing inside.However, the plastic is still intact, even the straws!
My classmate, Kah hwee returned to class with the whole "tube" of Yakurt, drank all of it. Drank all just by poking a straw from the top.I was like laughing out loud!
He shot the my faci too. My faci saw him drinking everything and commented, "the last time i drank a few bottles of that, i had to visit the toliet" Kah hwee replied, "i have been doing the same thing for everyday for one whole month and nothing happened to me, in fact i become skinnier"
It was a direct shot to his face. Bulleyes :) *sweet victory*
*Nurul is sick, bad flu i think, take care*