Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Left class [x_x]

To my Relief Faci: Maths was too complicating for me.
Partly is that i wasn't interested. All i might have given you was:
"The types of whales Mary might encounter during her trip"
(no link to maths)
so i bet u are not interested.Maybe you might be...
Me, Nurul and Euodia left our brains at home.Forgot to bring.
Therefore We decided to leave @ 2nd Breakout.
My accomplice. Nurul & Euodia. Nurul & Me (:
Actually we wen to the Library to Slack.
Slack from 1plus, then Played PoOl till 4 plus.To save $$, we need to prevent the ball from going into the hole.
Some Photos. Those in class, dun be jealous, keep up the good work.Dun be like the 3 of us.
Coached Nurul to be as Pro as me.
In the end, she became good too(:
She is so HyperActive.Dunno Why.Never take medication i think.
On the Bus, keep chatting, keeping herself entertained.
Headed to Work.So many Customers.Got another new Colleague.
This time is not feminine guy. Is Slow-Mo girl.
She everything slow motion de.
Slowly walk....., take...things....
Ok, i shall end my post with this:I am the most powerful there is.
Oh ya, thanks cheryl,for bringing a Donut for me just now :)
Lastly, found a lame sentence on the internet, it goes...
"My future is so bright that i have got to wear shades" -.-'''