Thursday, November 22, 2007

Miracles do happen?

Miracle #1
Even though today is Wednesday, i was not late :)
Wednesday + Enterprise Lesson = Irritating Faci.
I did not shoot him today.
Miracle #2I check my grades once i reached school.
I realised i got an A for enterprise.
I was like *stunned*
Miracle #3 He treat us Ben & Jerry's Ice cream.When all the way to the nearest shell station to buy.One tub each for each team.($7 x 5 = $35?)
Are you trying to get into our Good Books?!
but nevertheless, thanks :)
End my post with these interesting picture...
What if Doreamon(s) work in an office?
Doreamon @ work.
LOL :)
Go join SGclub!
Went to Bedok with Hui xin, Rinn and Manda after school :)