Friday, November 23, 2007


Before i blog about anything, Checkout New Banner!
Created Using PhotoShop.After self exploration,
I finally know how to create something like that.
This is only temporaily,i am in the midst of creating a CoOler,Nicer One.
12midNight: Just Bathe after reaching home from work.Slack @ Mac after work.
Today is Cheryl's last day @ Work.Met me after school at Woodlands interchange so we could go to work together.
(Sorry Nurul, didn't pei u go home)
Btw, my friend say Nurul is Photogenic,
I guess that's the effect of taking photos with me
You'll look much nicer :)
Cheryl bought me Mango Juice & Donuts in case i hungry.Thx :)
My SpiderMan Donut. Love it :)Cheryl gave me these on the Bus.
A bible, A card and a GIANT bar of chocolate.I had this "can't bear" feeling when she handed me these parting gifts...
Nevertheless, we enjoyed Cheryl's last day with fun, laughter and Joy.Last Photo taken with a Christmas Tree.
Lastly, From the bottom of my heart, (Cheryl,if u're readin' this)
I would like to thank you for all the things you have done for me.
Must remember to visit me.Best Friends Forever.
"i promise to read the Bible, the tearing trick was amazing :) "