Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Blog Revamp!
Always wanted a 3 column blog.
So after the whole day of stressing with html codes.*irritated*
Pls comment on my new blogskin.
This Small thing cause so much STRESS.Today open a new pair of contact lens.I wore the left, den there was difficulty putting in the right.Suddenly, the lens fall from my finger to Dunno where.I panic-ed.
I rushed to my Room, get a torchlight and started searching.
I shouted for my mum, who wen to get a torchlight too.
I was thinking,"It'S A DAMN NEW PAIR!?" I refused to give up.
After 15mins of searching of the basin and floor. I gave up.Took out my left and wore my specs.Den i saw a shiny thingy on the wall. It was my contacts...Enterprise Faci treat my team & Nurul's team to Ice Cream cos we managed to solve the CrossWord puzzle. Hem...After school, wen tO library to Slack.Ate Brownie :)