Friday, November 2, 2007

Wat to do??

Those who are fated to know should know it by now.
(i even got a comment on the way i hid the truth was cool. -.-)
I still remember why i created whatyoumeanbythat in july2007, to blog all my thoughts and frustrations.It became a daily routine.Blogging was almost a MUST everyday...
Ok, stop emo-ing, ANdy.
Today is the last day of school, after today is a week holiday for us :)
What am i gonna do during the holidays?
"hey nurul, Holidays gonna do wat ar?"
Reply: 1 week will only feel like 3 days...(izzit?)
After school, Bus-ed home with Nurul. Then went TM with Manda & Rinn. Miss them (:
TOmorrow is the starting of my 1 week holidays. I gonna miss you...