Friday, November 16, 2007

Today, today, today

Need for Speed-ed the Whole Day CoOl game. Customise the Car till so Chio (:
Could say i Raced fromMorning 9am to 6pm in school.
With few 30 mins intervals for work and break.
Forgotten about FaceBook and Neopets ):
Nurul & i was so Engrossed in the Game.
Left class at 6.15pm.
Realised 2 lift was off at that time.
Nurul and i took photos in the Dark and Scary Lift..."Do you dare?"
I found Sponsor for my Havianas le (:
My dad + mum saw my effort in saving 1 Buck a day.
They are sponsoring bout 10Bucks each.
So i need 2o More Dollar.
20 more days (: