Thursday, November 1, 2007

My new blog...

Welcome to my NEW blog.
It's a brand new blog that i start from a scratch.
(although it looks almost the same)
I did not just change the URL.
But the question that people are asking:Why did i create a NEW blog?
I can just say i wrote things that i am not supposed to write on my previous blog, i can amend my mistake by just deleting the post but i feel that there is a need to start afresh. I had deleted my previous blog, no trace of it.What i am feeling now, is like the dummy in the picture.My previous blog is not just a blog, but a photo album, a memory,something close to me,a diary.
All just gone like that.It was a hard decision to make...
I had a choice, but i chose the opposite instead.
Only those fated will know why i create a NEW blog.Are u?