Friday, November 9, 2007

Whole day out!

Happy Belated Birthday, Xiao Di !!! Everyone was late (as usual...)
Headed to Marina Square foR Seoul Garden!!! Xiao Mei & me (:Xiao Di and Rinn (:4 of us lunch-ing at Seoul Garden! Made my Speciality - Coke Float. and Made ouR own Ice Kachang!!! Slack till 4 plus...*Burp* excuse me...Shopped to Digest Our FoOd.(Hui xin's Style of Posing with "Dolls")
Wen to Suntec City After walking @ Marina SquareTook a Photo using the MAc Com @ APPLE (: Ate again @ Donut Factory. *Smacking Delicious*
Neoprinted to Commemorate the day(: *Shot of the day*
Wen Bugis after that at 8plus...Saw Luo Zi Xiang...
Fun and Tiring Day today. Hope Xiao di enjoyed our accompany and the present (:
Also, Xie xie for the Playboy tee.
Everytime i tot of haviannas, i tot of u...