Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Morning i woke up, Nothing to do.
So decided to Surf the Net.
Guess what?The article that i sent into SGfriends has been posted!
If you are interested, you can click on the icon above :)
Alright, i need to REwind to 24th of December.
24th of DEcember is my 婆婆 birthday.
Every year we celebrate at some restaurant.
This time it's...
Qian Xi Restaurant! i think it's the 2nd time i went there...
Had a Mini Gift Exchange before dinner start...
Tried to take some photos with all my cousins but...Photobucket
Failed Attempt no.1
Failed Attempt no.2
You wouldn't want to see the rest...
The Food there is okay...
The waiter showing off his "Pro-ness"
His vest looks like mine, lucky no one notice :)
Shark Fin!!! *slurps*
At least a decent Photo to end this post :)