Tuesday, December 25, 2007

*Merry Christmas*

Today is 25th of December!
Merry Christmas to all my Friends, Family and to YOU :)
Woke up at bout 10 plus, on-ed my phone and guess what?Photobucket
25 SMSes of christmas Greetings! Thanks :)
Yesterday was another Christmas Celebration i had...
this time with the SaintJohn people i have not met for a long long time!!!Photobucket
❤That's 2 of my good friends❤
The Gift Exchange is the most Unique out of the other gift exchange.
Normally we pick numbers, this time, we pick poker cards.
And find the other half. So special!
I got 2 Presents in the gift exchange, so Surprise!
ME, Harianto and Aloysius.
(P.s: Aloysius's gift is on his head)
Went home at about 11 plus 12mn...
There is so much so catch up, so sharon me and serene walked home.
From tampines all the way to Pasir Ris.
Halfway, my Watch Beeped- it was 12mn.
We shaked each other hands and said...
I dun noe what happen but I CAN'T SEE MY SIDEBAR!!! CAN YOU???