Sunday, December 30, 2007

This Shirt call what ar?

Always wanted to buy this shirt/or this kind of shirt.
Went to bugis look for it - $42.90
Went to Far East look for it - $56.90
How to get it for FREE?
Tip #1: Tell your Parents about it.
(~Tell the one that always go shopping...)
Tip #2: Give a through description, best if got picture.
(Say how nice the shirt is, and everyone's wearin' it)
Tip #3: Mention the price and complain how expensive it is.
(Say you want it very much but cannot afford...)
DOEs the tips work for you?
My Mum came back from Bugis and bought this for me.WhoOts :)
What so Special about this shirt?
I dun noe how to explain, maybe u see the pics then u'll understand.Photobucket
There is short sleeve and long sleeve de, mine is Short.Photobucket
Like the "Military" kind of shirt.
These are the 2 REasons why i like this Shirt :)
Anyone noe of any place sells this kind of shirt cheaper?
Cos i wanna get more...