Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tired, But...

This is how i feel...
Been Working Quite a lot this Week.
Everyday reaching home at bout 11pm.
Bathe, Dry my Hair, Use the internet den sleep...
But did not manage to sleep.
Only after tossing on the bed till 2am den manage to sleep.
Resulting in waking up at avg.12 noon.
Yesterday Night, same thing happen.
Decided to anyhow SMS people at 12 mn.
See whether they sleep already or not.
4 person replied - Hui Xin, Cheryl, Kevin and Sharon.
Sent at least 100 smses.
At bout 1 plus, some asked "You not tired ar?"
I replied,"Only my fingers feels abit tired..."
One by one KO-ed.
I KO-ed at 2.30am.
Today is 31st of December.
How time flies....So many things have happened.
Soon, i will be wishing you all...