Thursday, December 13, 2007

[Un.Official Sports Day]

I think i need more Words in my Blog.
7.30am: Waiting for Bus. Bus #39 came.
7.45am: Stopped at Tamp.Blk 201 Bus stop halfway cos wanted to Buy 8 days Mag.
7.50am: Waiting for bus AGAIN to go to the 168 Bus stop.
8am: Bus #38 came. Turned to Simei.
I should take either 39 or 34 but i took 38!!!
I remember nurul saying bus 39 and Bus 3_ can reach the bus stop. SO when 38 came, i assume i can take it.
Never did i know that i will bring me all the way to Simei.
8.15am: I am at Simei. Stopped.When opposite, took 38 back to 201 Bus stop.
8.25am: Bus 34 came.(Correct one...)
8.30am: Reach the 168 Bus Stop.
9.20am: Reach Woodlands interchange.Strolled to School.
9.30am: Reached School. (Late...)
Wanted to go to class and leave early for "SPorts Day" but jon say if leave early will get F grade.So i was thinking, "Might as well get a X grade, F is ugly"
X = Absent
My class decided that today will be SPorts Day.
The class shall play ball games together and Sweat it out.
The weather was not very Good.*Drizzling*
So we Went indoor and slack, postpone our Sports Day to 2pm.
Had Lunch at Food HavenOur W35F Sports Ambassadors (:The Court was Wet because of the Rain, so we took turns to "Dry" the court.Found a Super Huge Umbrealla. ~You could stand under my umbrella, ella ella...Went to the Fitness Corner to play, Managed to "Mount" up the wall. Wahaha (:
Jon, Yihan,WeiRong ++ came after class to join us. Played BasketBall, Soccer...
Super Tired.Running here and there.
5pm:Met Rinn, Manda and HuiXin.They wanna go TM...
Walk at the Newly Opened BHG and saw this...Normally Mannequin are with the "Perfect" features, Body and Height.
But this is simply Ugly.Oh ya, I finally got my W810i back! After one whole week.
Finally can take clear Pictures le.
Dun ask me why this Photo is blur. Cos it's Photoshop-ed.
The focus is the Phone, not me (:
Alright, GOing to Sleep le. GOod nite and Enjoy reading my blog (: