Thursday, December 20, 2007

What title to put?

Alright, Internet is Better today.
19th December Supposed to be the Class BBQ...
But was Postponed cos can't get the food on time.
So Went to Update my Passport with My mum and Sis.
Reached the Place at bout 3.30pm, got the queue no - 7288Photobucket
Look at time! Finally my turn. 4.14pm...
Headed to Bugis after that. Shopped around.
Bought the Cardigan i always wanted.
My mum bought a dress and wanted to be part of the photo =.=Photobucket
Took Photos of Bugis Village.At night, it comes to live!
Had Dinner @ the "Newly" opened Food junction @ Lv.3.
The seat is so Comfy, the enviroment is Cooler than other FoodCourt.
Saw this Prata cone thingy, looks interesting...
Decided to have it for Dessert.
It's called a "Chocolate Magma" =.=
An "Unglam" shot by my Mum. Sucking the Chocolate from my hand.Photobucket
There's me signing off. Early wishing from me :)