Friday, February 1, 2008

Advertising Concept

I was just watching the Television just now and this advertisement really caught my attention...

It's the latest Tiger Beer Ad. Did it catch your attention too?
It's like showing the adventure of the Tiger Beer that fall off the truck, i am surprised that it didn't shatter into pieces when dropped so many time. The guy/girl or whomever that created this advertisment has definitely achieved his purpose of creating an advertisement - Which is to catch the viewer's attention.
I am so interested in advertising that i took an elective other than my diploma in Year 2. It's called-Advertising Concept. Although it is unrelated to my diploma, i still want to learn about it because of my interest.
I would of course one day love to create advertisments for others.So if anyone need me to advertise anything on my blog, i will be glad to do so =)
Meanwhile, wait for my "Advertorial Cum Blogging competition" Entry about Viwawa. I will publish it soon.Look out for it!!!