Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boredom o.O

3.04pm: In the middle of the lesson.
Blogging and not paying attention.
Today is Computing Lesson.
Stupid VB codes.(it's something like Html)
That why u never see me using blogskin.
Cos i freakin' can't understand those codes!

Some people say that my blog is full of photos and little words.
I agree with them. What type of blog do you like?
More photos and less words?
Less words and more photos?

So today is going to be a "Word" Post.
School is getting more and more boring...I have decided, i will be skipping school for one day next week to go to the airport to slack with my friends.We will take lotsa photos to commemorate that day. WhoOts, coming to think of that day makes me excited.(I haven't inform my friends about the "outing", Opps.)

I'm just sitting in class now listening to presentations. I could spent my time elsewhere. Like slacking at Indulgz having chocolate fondue, i could be shopping at orchard, i could, i could,there's so many things i can do instead of just sitting here doing nothing except for bloggin'.

Talking about blogosphere, bloggin' used to be for yourself, "your personal online diary", but now it means like it's a popularity contest. The more readers you get, the more popular you are.Everyone is posting about themself for others, not for themselves.Everyone (or almost everyone) is going on the route to "Becoming the Next Top Blogger". Yes, i know, i am one of them.

Wow, i managed survive writing so much.Enough is Enough.
Just one photo,okay?
That's all. You managed to survive this post?