Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cafe Cartel

This Post is a Review on Food.
Have to tried Cafe Cartel Before?
Yesterday was my First Time Dining @ Cafe Cartel.
Serene made a Reservation at Cafe Cartel, Tampines Mall.
We planned to meet at 7pm for Dinner.
I was the First to Arrive there, then SMSes came one by one saying,
"I'll be late"
I mentioned to the girl at the door
"Hi, my friend made a reservation at 7pm, serene"
I was Ushered to a comfy dining area.
Appetiser was the "Free flow of Bread"
Normally i dun like to eat plain bread, but this is simply irresistible.
I can keep eating and eating the Bread.
★★★★Stars for the Bread + star cos it's Free Flow!!!
Total: ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars Who0ts :)
When Everyone arrived, we decide on what to eat...
( I was still thinking bout the bread...)
Taking Orders were DIY, like Bugis Cafe. Write Down the Code.
Finally decide on...
3 Huge chunk of Pork Chop with Chunky slice of Pineapple.
Choice of sauce - Special cartel sauce/BBQ etc.
★★★ Stars.
Nothing really special except for the Quantity.
Was checking out the dessert den i saw this...Did u know?
Conclusion: When u're STRESSED, have DESSERTS :)Photobucket
Dessert was All time Favourite - Banana Split :)
3 Flavour ice cream with Whipped Cream, Crushed Peanuts, Chocolate fudge, wafer and more...
★★★ Stars. Once again, nothing special.
One isn't enough for 4 of us to share...
PhotoShopp-ed :)
After all the eating, 4 of US was Full. Time for a Group Photo.
Final Verdict (out of 5stars)
Ambience: ★★★★?
Food: ★★★??
Service: ★★★??
Price: ★★★??
Overall: ★★★
Good place for gathering. However compared to other fine-dining restaurants such as Jack's place/ Swensens, Cafe cartel still lack that bit.
What's your verdict?
Any comments?