Friday, January 11, 2008

CamWhoring @ RP

Did not blog yesterday because did not have anything to blog.
And there is also not a need to blog everyday, rgt?

Today, almost nothing to blog also.
Until... I realised that i finished all my work at 1pm!

ZhiYing Suggested playing PoOl @ the Library.
Den i tot of CamWhoring @ RP =)
Went to explore some places that Typical Ben went during his last visit to RP.
Photos Time!!!
Welcome to the School of technology for the ARt of RP!!!
Yes, Welcome...
Got a COOL erm...Drawing on the wall?
Trying to pluck the "whatever" out...While Nurul engage is some hanky panky.Photobucket
Me and Zhiying Wants to bring the STA Robot for a walk...Photobucket
How big is my school? Let a picture speaks a thousand words.happy
Making use of the BIG space.
Don't ask me what the hell i am doing in there...
Ending my Exploration, i realised something about my school's library.
Then we went to play PoOl @ the library. ( did not take any photos)
Have u visited RP or is a RP student? and saw the places i went?
Tell me!!!
Do you like the New Font that i use to edit my Photos?
You can download them for FREE here.