Monday, December 31, 2007

Featured Article: You read them?

Featured Article: Top #5 Blogs i REad.
#1 : - Need not say much about her. After winning Best ASian Blog in the 2004 WEBLOG AWARDS, her blog becomes famous. All blogger should have heard about her and at least visited her blog once. She has an average of 20,000 viewers a day! It's like OMg. 20,000? When we have 30 viewers a day, we are already amazed. 20,000?! Can you imagine 20,000 people visiting your blog aday? *No wonder sometimes her site is laggy* Does a lot of PhotoShop-ping on her photos. and she has her own "Mini" TV show at is the latest one - Ep9. her shows are so funny.Her blog is one interesting blog to read, however i feel that she update too little nowadays. It's like "With 20,000people visiting your blog everyday, shouldn't you update more often?!" I like this post the best. Top #7 MOST DISGUSTING BLOGGER -
She gets 5/5 Stars ! (Blogger Queen, must respect... )

#2: - The miracle Season? Better Know as Ice Angel. Real name - Ester Chia. Also need not say much about her. Everytime we log in into SGfriends, the first thing - BEST of BLOG - 1st - The-Miracle-Season.She's from Republic Poly. Same School as me. She updates more Often than XiaXue.(At Republic Poly, we faced the laptop everyday for 7 hours, nothing to do? Blog...) Ranked 1st for Best of Blog for 11th months,( going to 12 months). Not sure how many viewers goes into her blog everyday cos there isn't a blogCounter.(ACtually there is, but no numbers leh...) She has 8535 Votes until now, since jan07, which also means an average of 23 votes a day. (Wow, i only get 1 or 2 a day...) To me, her blog seems like any other blog, except for the striking pink that welcomed me into her blog, what made her blog so famous??? I asked her before...The reply was " Dunno, i started making blogskins then famous de" Also has the ability to Photoshop well,if u ask me if her photoshop-ed photos look like her real self, i would answer, " you have to judge it yourself :) "
She gets 4/5 Stars !

#3: - Jayden or jayleif? When you enter his blog, the first thing that greets you is the CoOlest flash you have ever seen. (Seen better? PM me, thx, cos i am amazed by his banner) To date, he has 262877 views, i dunno starting from when, but that's consider a lot. (i only have 9510 since july...) This guy has amazing PhotoShop Skills. ohh, he's from laselle? Wow. Art School. No wonder...Interesting posts with cool PhotoShopping. Update once in a while also...Update more!! His entry for the the Nuffnang MotoQ is so Freakin' Cool - There are 2 parts. I hope he wins...When will the result be released? Super Photoshopping, you can even see the Tuzki's shadows! something that i will forget everytime i photoshop - Shadows.I am still so Amazed by his banner, i can replay and replay it without getting bored.
He get 5/5 stars ! (SORRy. i just Love his photoshop skills.) can teach me?
#4: - Typical Ben? or not so Typical with so many people viewing your blog? 252571 views since jan 2007. Let me count... 252571/12months = 21047.583 Views a month?! 701 views a day?! OMg, another one... my Miserable 70 views a day...This Blog is introduced to me by my classmate who loves reading his blog. Blog about his life and funny things. One of his most interesting post - Abit gross but funny lah...Has an average of 3 to 4 post a week. Should be...I guess...never really go count. Also can Photoshop well. He's from NP? Product Design & Innovation somemore, wah, designer in making.
He gets 4/5 Stars !
#5: - AndyStorm?! Who the hell is he? is that your first reaction? haha, after reviewing the top bloggers, it's time to review mine. Does he really care what you say? what a blog address. The previous URL was whatyoumeanbythat.blogspot...Erm...Not very friendly har...No la,it's just that i can't think of any blog address LOL. When you first enter the blog, the first thing you might notice is that the blogskin. "How come so Classic de?" but look properly, it's 3 column...I blog about my life in Republic Poly, same poly as IceAngel...Facing the laptop, 5 days a week, 7 hours each time, Wireless throughout the campus, of course we got so much time to blog la. I do reviews on places, food, Movies and any interesting things that happen in my life.Currently ranked #8 for Best youth Blog at SG friends...More photos, Less words. Featured in SGfriends for article - Becoming the Next Top Blogger? He gets 3/5 Stars !
That's 5 Blogs that i read. Hope you enjoyed reading my review.
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