Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Enterprise.

Today is the last Enterprise Lesson.
Yes, the lesson that i always blog about.I still wonder whether he reads my blog...It has been 16 weeks together with Mr.Ng. I think i gonna miss his lessons. Opps, why am i saying this? Someone stop me...Hurry. It's like 16 weeks of lame-ing, Suan-ing, it's just the way he talks. Just makes me ~Diao... LOL
Thanks, Mr Ng!
He treated us Ice Cream and Pizza Hut today.Thx =)
It's the 3 of us!!!
Yah see, Nurul and i CamWhoring outside class.During the 3rd meeting, we gave the excuse that we're gg to the toliet. Okay,lame...
Wah, so THICK!
My mum asked me to keep this stack of 2 Dollar Notes in my Bag, i was like, Wow,So thick. It's because Chinese New Year is coming, which means adults need to give out Ang Pows,So nid to change 2 Bucks... Who0ts =)
that's me
Wore my New Hoodie to School today, just wanna show u all. But this picture doesn't tell much right? Nevermind, take again on Friday.If i don't wear this week, i dunno when i wear it again, cos it's like super hot if i wear this to Orchard. RP is the Best place to wear your Hoodie. Fashionable and it keeps you warm =)