Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last Sunday

Haven't been bloggin' for the past 3 days.
Cos i was @ Hongkong. (didn't u read my previous post?)
LOL, okay lah, enuff of the hongkong nonsense.
It's because of my stupid laptop Charger.
Tomorrow i must go ACER there repair le =( *Waste my time*

Meanwhile, I am going to Blog about last Sunday.
Guess Where I went?

I went onboard the...
I know that i'm a Singaporean. So the Question is "Why am i going for these S'pore tours?" Ok, i did not suggest going for these tours. It's my Mum's idea. She saw this offer on the newspaper, 3 Tours (Ducktour, HippoTour and DHL balloon) for about 30+Bucks/person. And she bought 4. I went for the DuckTour already. "Why are these tours are named after animals?!" Anywae,i was only interested in the DHL balloon"
SUPER strong Wind
Everyone was enjoying the wonderful weather.
A bit of Sunlight + some wind = Perfect weather.
Stupid Rain
The Wind became so Strong, the skies became Dark and it starts Raining =.=''' I was like soaking Wet la.My dad and Mum ran for cover downstairs, leaving me and my sis up there.
Braving the Storm. *Stupid Weather*
When back to Suntec to Dry ourselves.
Donut factory
Tea @ Donut Factory =) Nowadays there's no Queue,not like last time where we have to queue for a long time...
Tea @ Donut Factory
Enjoying my Donut =)
Went to Bugis After that...What for?
DHL balloon
To take the DHL balloon, the one that i was anticipating.I was so excited.When we reached, i was like Yay,Yay, up on the DHL balloon!!! But guess what - "Sorry we are close for the Yearly Maintenance" *WTH!?* Sad-ed la. The DHL is located at Tan Quee Lan Street. Which is also where Indulgz is located!!! I ask my parents to have dinner at indulgz but...They brought me to this restaurant instead...7th Storey Restaurant
7th Storey Restarant.Nope, it isn't on the 7th Storey. I also dunno why it's called 7th storey restaurant also. My dad start ordering non-stop, i was like, "can we finish all the food anot?" I took the menu from him and start ordering. I was still thinking about Indulgz.End up the Bill was 60 over Bucks.The food is also quite nice. Restaurant ma...I asked my dad why did we eat at the restuarant, he said " got reason de meh? Eat dinner lah" I was like, "ohh..." cos that day wasn't any special occasion...Maybe it is...Family Day...