Thursday, January 17, 2008

Miracle do happen?

~A more balanced post. Got words,Got pictures.
Today i was super early.
I was the 2nd to reach class.
7.30am: Bus 39 appear, i nid not wait for it.
7.50am: At seletar. Bus 168 came within the next 5 mins
8.20am: Reached Woodlands interchange
8.30am: Reached School!

Yah see was 3rd to reach class.When she saw me, she was like "Wah Miracle, So early ar" Yes, miracle do happen, Yah see...
Sheena told me about this sign outside the toliet.
Anything different from the Normal "Caution Wet Floor" sign? There is this "Open Your Eyes" thingy on top. I wonder who wrote that? Maybe it's the cleaner...
Yah see, Nurul, ZhiYing and me went to play pool during 2nd Break. The Black Ball was missing, we went to the counter to demand the black ball, guess what the girl at the counter say?
"oh, it has been missing" I was like, "wat?!" Can't u all put a note or something?! Anywae, we continued as i solved the problem using my Quickthinking mind, use another ball as the black ball. Wahaha, praise me, quick :D
I realise that i actually know how to "Jump" Ball, i am so proud of myself. Then Yah see and Nurul ask me to jump the ball over their Cues. I Was like...
Nurul and i monkey-ing in the lift.
Share a few photos with you all.
What's your first impression when you see this photo?
Guy with his blonde hair girl at the park?
Think otherwise.
Guy with his dog =.=
Just for Laughs: Caught in the Act, LOL :D
Want to see more? I posted the series of photos here.
to end this post :D
That's all Folks :)