Thursday, January 10, 2008

[New Banner]

[By the time u read this, u should have realised dat i got a New Banner]
Always wanted to create a Banner But Dunno design wat.
Today in class, Nothing to do...
My Creative Juice was flowing...
And *Poof* Out comes My Banner :)
I just wanna say...
It's Done using PhotoShop CS3.
Took me a Few Hours to Perfect it.
It might be *WOW* to some, nothing to others.
It actually loops forever but Nurul Complained she was getting Dizzy,
So Now it only loops for 3 times.
Anymore u'll have to Press F5 and refresh the page :)
It may not be as nice as Jayden's but it's still nice, i noe.
Any comments? Nice? Good? Ugly?