Friday, January 18, 2008

Quick one.

Ok, i won't be bloggin' about my Airport trip tonight.
Because there is 127 photos.
I need to choose some and edit them to make the post interesting to read.
Some hints: Next post is in a Story Form.
So lookout for Next post: " The day i left" =)

Oh ya, i really appreciate these 30 people who voted for me tonight.
I am Ranked #2 now for Best of Blog.

Just some thoughts that i want to share with you all.
I used to think that i want to become a famous blogger, blogging for others to read what is going on in my life. I am Mad about the no. of people viewing my blog everyday, i Mad about blog ratings and ranking. But now, i thought it through, after Jan, hopefully if i win one of those badges in SGfriends. I find that winning one month is enough, it's everyone's effort. Your time to vote for me every night. So if i win, i will dedicate a post to you all =)

After Jan, Blogging will become personal. I won't really care how many people are viewing my blog everyday, be it 50, 200 or 1000. Blogging is just an interest, now the blogosphere has become like a popularity contest, the more "readers" u get, the more popular u are. So i be a normal blogger. Read it if u like, leave if u find it interesting. I could do with some encouragment, if u like my blog, comment me.

As for my friends, i noe u all have been reading my blog everyday. Continue doing so because we are having fun everyday and we should take more photos so i can share the joy with everyone on my blog, Who0ts :D

Alright, i am back to editting my "Airport" photos.

P.S: Remember to Vote for me :D