Thursday, January 3, 2008

What did you do on New Year Day?

As for me, I went out with my Friends!!!
Met Manda at Tampines to Have lunch before heading down to AMK to meet Keith and also to settle some of manda's blogshopping stuff.
Den headed Down to Orchard :)
WhoOts, Orchard, here we come!
Shopped around, wen to heeren, Taka, Far east...
Went into Action City @ Heeren.
The stuff there are so Cute!!! Chose one to blog about...
With this HUGE pen, who's still afraid of having no ink during Essay Writing? Who will still forget to bring their pen to school? Anyone bully u? This Pen double up as a weapon too :) Pair it with the Gigantic Calculator as Your Shield :) also for maths lesson :)
Was walking along Orchard Road den Keith asked "Wan to eat Ice Cream a not?" I said, "Okay" den headed to the Nearest ice cream store.(There are plenty along Orchard Road) When we reached the Nearest one, i said "Dun buy from this, Auntie sell de, Auntie very "yiao" de (Stingy in Hokkien) Auntie will cut small small piece. Uncle better..."
So we headed to the Next stall - Uncle selling de... LOL :)
Headed to Raffles City after Orchard.
Raffles City - Where all the Well known Brands are.
Went into River Island, First thing that caught my Eye...
This Shirt - Wen to try it at the fitting Room.
This Shirt is Freakin' Nice. But i did not buy it.
Because The Price tag is as Nice as the Shirt :) If it's 80 Bucks, i would consider but 123...
Went Esplanade to Slack at Nite...Took some Photos before ending the day.Photobucket
End of 1st Jan 2008.
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6th for Best of Blog.
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