Friday, February 22, 2008

Review: Jumper

For Generations after Generations, we teleporter aka as "Jumper" have Roamed the world. Finally now, a film has been made on us. Feb14 is the day where everyone will know about us - Jumpers.

Why spend so much $$ on special Effects when u can get the real jumper? By writing this, my life is at risk. Paladins are looking for us. When they find us, they will kill us.
We got the tickets at Cathay Cineleisure.
3 Tickets to secretly watch this Movie. in case Paladins are watching it too.
I Don't recognise this Jumper. He looks like the guy in Star Wars!? How can he be a Jumper at the same time? This is when i conclude - he's fake. Everything is special Effects.
This Movie is somehow nice and not nice at the same time. I love the special effects, the way they teleport is so cool. But when they teleport to their destination, they tend to "destroy" the surroundings. Which is like - leaving evidence? The story is abit Draggy, it could be better.
Nevertheless, It's worth the ticket. The ability to jump is super cool and super useful too. Especially in the future.
When the MRT lines becomes complicated.
Have you watch Jumper?