Monday, February 4, 2008

Viwawa - Why play alone?

Viwawa Best Of Blog Competition Entry:

Are you still playing maplestory? OR Audition?
It's time to Viwawa!
My Friend intro-ed me to this Online portal where i can pit my skills with other players online. There are like 5 Games to try!Which do u like most?
Guess What is my personal Favourite? It's WahJong!!!
Which is also Known as Mahjong.
It's so much fun playing online, you get to meet new friends too!Wahjong!!!
Why is it "Wa" instead of "Ma"jong? I think it's because of the avatar, which's called Wawa.
Play more and Earn more!!!
You Earn Experience points and Gold in very game that you play and with the EXP, u level up, with the Gold, u can dress up your wawa the way u want!
Does it look like me?
I am Saving Gold just to create my "ideal" Wawa.
Does it look like me?
(I know that i dun have such big eyes =.=)
Oh ya, i am eyeing at the ipod touch in the Lucky Draw
Win, Win, Win!!!
Every game played to entitle me to 1 chance to win my Ipod Touch.I am playing Viwawa everyday!!! which means i am nearer to winning it! *Dreamin'*
Meanwhile i might win an Ipod shuffle by joining this Blog competition!DO NOT DISTURB
Alright, i am Off to Viwawa.
Can you guess what game am i playing now?
I am level 4 at WahJong. You can add me as friend.
My Username is Andystorm.
~ Bye!