Saturday, March 22, 2008

ANdyStorm's Guide to PhotoShop.

Pls take note: It's not Xiaxue's guide. It's mine.
I finally got my Photoshop CS3 Back!
*through unorthodox means*

Wahaha, Pls dun tell anyone. *Shhh...*
Life without Photoshop is like this -> -____-
I have tried GIMP, Picasa, those available on
BUT none work as POWERFUL as Photoshop CS3.
Before my skills turn RUSTY, i decided to edit those photos which i took last Tuesday....
ANdyStoRm's Guide to Photoshop
I've got 2 photos:
The one of the left is (1), on the right is (2)
I think Keith looks better in (1) than in (2), cos in (2),he looks like he is advertising for some toothpaste or toothbrush (-___-) and i obviously look better in (2). Using the most powerful tool (Nope, it's not Xiaxue's Liquify), it's ANdyStorm's Quick selection tool, you select me from (2) EASILY and bring it to (1). Scale to the correct size and adjust the colour and Contrast so that it fits with the original photo. As simple as that. 3...2...1...*DrumRoll*
Ta-dah! The final product! A round of applause pls...Thx =)