Saturday, March 1, 2008

Praying for more ads...

HOW come i don't have ads? =(
Everywhere i go, i see Nuffnang ads. The Durex one, the Nokia one, the Air force one.

Why i dun have? =(
I still got $35.11 to Cash out...
Have u received the E-mail?
It says:
Dear Nuffnangers,
Nuffnang Singapore is happy to have secured a significant deal with a blue chip client.We are unable to release the name of the company yet, but it is a reputable one, with an exciting new service to offer!This ad is applicable to ALL BLOGGERS ABOVE BAND 0 (Meaning, you will get one for sure, if you fall in this category), AND IF YOU HAVE THE LARGE RECTANGLE AND LEADERBOARD UNIT UP.....
So we are suppose to add another ad unit?
Well, i have added mine at the top.
Have you?
So we wait for the "blue chip client" to place their ads on our blogs! P.S: All blogs should be above band 0, rgt?