Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tampines Mall

Today's my off day. Instead of spending my day out with my friends...i went out with my mum...
Went to Tampines Mall...
Got a lot of "Harvest" in Chinese, it's called "shou huo"
Well,for Lunch, we had Jack's place.I ate Student Meal=)
Wat?! there is student meal @ jack's place?!
Well,if u and your friends are looking for a fine dining restaurant to have your lunch, and want to spend less than 10 Bucks...
For $6.50, You get a Coke/Sprite + Main Course + IceCream!
That me and My chicken Culet =)
What i got for myself (Expenses fully subsidized by my mum...)
1 X Long sleeve T shirt
1 X Bermuda
1 X Wallet
3 cheers for my mum =) Thanks =)

*Off to sleep*