Sunday, March 9, 2008

They lived happily on my desk...

For eons,I've been feeding these money eating machines, paying for a hope. A hope to catch something - But i never did.

Now that my workplace moved to Downtown East, beside my store is X-scoop. It's something like an arcade, but instead of feeding $ into the machine to play those "action" games, you feed the machine for a chance to grab a soft toy. Sometimes, i would "fake" a toilet trip and head to X scoop, to walk around looking at those soft toys.

For weeks, i have been trying to catch one of these...
The Stitch Grabbing Machine!!! but i never did catch it, spending like 2 bucks a day...Guess i simply had neither the luck oR skill.

Then one day,When i walked into the lockeR room @ work,
Guess what?
On top of the locker was this very stitch that i wanted! I rushed out to the Counter to ask whose was it. Then this new Colleague said she caught it for me. I was so touched.THANKS,SARAH!!! After work. I went to walked around X scoop with my manager and Colleagues, decided to spent my last dollar to try catch a pink stitch.Well, for the first time in my life...
I caught it with my last dollaR.
Now they sit happily on my desk...
The end.