Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Which catergory are you in?

Checkout this Website to find out which catergory u belong to!
This Technorati widget computes your bloglebrity status based on four influential groupings:
-The Low Authority Group [D-List Bloggers] 3-9 linkings
-The Middle Authority Group [C-List Bloggers] 10-99 linkings
-The High Authority Group [B-List Bloggers] 100-499 linkings
-The Very High Authority Group [A-List Bloggers] 500+ linkings
Here are some A-list bloglebrity in today's blogosphere:
-Ice Angel with 2635 links in the last 180 days.
-Xiaxue with 3512 links in the last 180 days.
-KennySia with 2653 links in the last 180 days.
So which Catergory do u belong to?