Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hei Sushi

Don't feel like blogging today but after seeing 50+ people come into my blog and see no updates, i feel kinda bad. Today isn't a good day because it's JAVA day again. I just can't seem to understand how this JAVA thingy works...And today come another facilitator, my first impression of him sucks. I dunno how i manage to survive from morning until now, looking at a screen full of wierd codes.

This post is long long x 5million overdue.It's during the holiday where me and Nurul went to Downtown East to have Sakae i mean, Hei Sushi.

Reader: HeiSushi?! Heard of Sushi Tei, Genki Sushi, Sakae Sushi ++ but HeiSushi?! Got type wrongly?

NO, you did not hear it wrongly, it's HeiSushi. It's located @ Downtown East. HeiSushi, it's certified halal, so you can bring your muslim friends to dine there. (and also to visit me!) HeiSushi is under the same company as Sakae sushi.Having Said so much, it's time for photos!

Yup, it's HeiSushi @ Downtown East =)

That's me and nurul with our food!!!
Alright, i can't go on anymore. That's all for my HeiSushi Post. I dun like what i am learning...I wonder if it would be useful in what i am going to be in the future. I got a classmate who asked the facilitator if he gives tuition. Why? He wants to be a hacker in the future -________-