Friday, April 25, 2008

Every blogger need these tools...

The essential tools of being a blogger.

#1: A good Camera Phone. With at least 2 megapixels(better if it has auto-focus). I would recommend Sony Erisson. There is only a miserable no.of phones which has:

1. Good camera quality.
2. Walkman capabilities.
3. User friendly.

But being a blogger, a GOOD camera phone is essential, unless u dun mind lugging your camera where ever u go... A camera phone allows you to take photo in an instant, and of course to camwhore =)

#2:Adobe Photoshop CS3! or any other photo-editting tools except for PAINT. That is for kindergarten/primary school kids...CS3 comes with the quick editting tool which is SUPER USEFUL! Trust me. Edit your photos to make your post more interesting for your readers.

#3: A thinking Mind. Think of catchy titles to attract people in sites like INNIT or How to make your post interesting for others so that people will come back.This lead to point #4.

#4: Traffic inducing tools. I use only 2 of them - INNIT and Ping. These 2 tools are powerful enough. I think that if you use tools like blogeXplosion, the readers u get aren't genuine, they just want traffic.

#5: Tagboard/haloscan. This might be the only way u and your readers communicate. However, some people abuse the tagboard by spamming others. Those people ought to be shot in the head, nothing better to do.

#6: Lastly, Readers. Need i say more?