Thursday, April 3, 2008

How did i attain band 7 for my nuffnang ads?

As you all might have read my previous post, which my ad attained Band 7, which is about$8++ and i have received comments on how did i do it?
Normally Ads last for about 1 week, so in this 1 week, you should...
#1: Update Daily, or frequently like 4 times in that week so that your readers will comecome back everyday, adding on to the site statistic. Site statistic is the most importantfactor in calculating the different bands you will be in.

#2: When you update, you innit it. Of course, what you update must be interesting, so thatnuffnangers will nang your post, and the more nangs u get, the more likely you will get into the top 10 nang-post for that 24hours, which means more exposure, thus traffic is most likely to increase.
#3: Ping your post @ However, same thing apply for INNIT. It depends on howinteresting your post is.
#4: My Readers exchange program. Read more about it here.This program that i thought of can help your blog get more traffic and exposure by exchanging your readers with other bloggers.

That's all. Are you having Ads now? Try these ways and maybe you might achieve a higher band. Good luck =)