Thursday, April 3, 2008

I slept so well last nite!

Last night, i was still awake @ 1am. Chatted with TypicalBen on his blog...

Yesterday night, i sent out 2 of these April Fool SMS , and laughing out loud at my friends reaction!

SMS #1
: Hey, i just wanna be frank with you...the truth is, i never liked this friendship. I think it's the worst mistake one could have done. I regret knowing you and i *Scroll down* HAPPY APRIL FOOL DAY! and damn, i love you, our friendship and you being pissed now =)

This is super funny! Some people read the starting was shocked. Safie told me his heart was pounding super fast and he almost cried when he read the sms!

SMS #2: Call me urgently. Bad news about you. *Scroll Down* Are you shocked? Forward to your friends and see how many cute people don't read the msg full. HAPPY APRIL FOOL! haha=)

A few people like Desmond, Keith, Tiara ++ called me straight away! I rejected their call and sent them an sms - Read the whole sms =)