Saturday, April 26, 2008

JAVA blues...

Yes, today is Monday.Oh, it's Friday. I thought Monday Blues...
Friday = JAVA lesson + Irritating Facilitator.
I just can't stand him. I dunno why?
I'm so glad there is no JAVA next semester.
Never mind.
Epic movie
Have you watch this movie before? Yes, i know it's quite some time, yes, i am lagging behind. My classmate sent me this movie, and it's so freakin' funny!!! Watched it during lesson time =X A combination of Movie, and a bit of *ahem* dirty stuff. Hee hee
Superhero movie
Anyone wanna watch this movie with me??? I just watched the trailer and it's super funny, i think it's gonna be a nice show.The storyline is like Spiderman. It features a fake Storm too!
Nurul told me this joke today, SUPER funny.
#1: Char Siew Bao and Plain Bao decided to watch this SUPER touching movie together. Then Char Siew Bao cry. *Plain Bao did not cry* Why?
Ans: Char Siew Bao got 'Fill-ing' (Feeling)

#2: Char Siew Bao and Red Bean Bao decided to catch another sad movie. Again, Char Siew Bao cried, *Red Bean Bao did not* why?
Ans: Different 'Fill-ing'

Alright, to check your answer, follow these instructions:
#1: Hold your 'Ctrl' Button. (DUN let go!)
#2: Now press the 'A' Button. (Did u let go of the ctrl button -__-)