Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This definitely Gang, Maybe Bang is attracting so much attention in Nuffnang!
Just look at this PrintScreen below.
Out of these 10 top post in Nuffnang, 9 of it is titled "Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang" They all got the same title, but they are attracting more attention than those "catchy" title u are thinking to attract nuffnang-ers..

In case u dunno what this "definitely Gang, Maybe Bang" is about, it's a "unofficial" nuffnang blogger gathering in malaysia. Some are common names in INNIT, like pamsong etc.

Update: IT'S 10 out of 10 now.
Should we have this in SG too?!

If this post made it to the top #10 list, i guess that's how catchy the title - "definitely Gang, Maybe Bang " is =)