Friday, April 25, 2008

There is always a First time.

Yesterday was the first time i dial-ed 999.
- apart from those prank calls i made when i was younger =X

Yesterday was Rosell's Birthday Chalet, everyone had to catch the last bus, mine was at 11.45pm, i reached my house bus-stop @ about 12mn, just when i step out of the bus, a malay/indian man was lying on the ground.

So i jumped into 2 conclusions:
#1: He is Drunk.
#2: He is homeless.

I was thinking, "At least sleep on the seat lah, why sleep on the floor, and your bag might be stolen!!!" Should i call the police?

I decided to pretend i didn't see the man, but my eyes was still stuck on the guy while i cross the overhead bridge...Then, a Chinese guy decided to kick him to see if he responds. NO RESPOND. Either really drunk or SUPER deep in sleep.

This is when i decided to take out my phone and Dial 999. I spoke calmly to Mr.Policeman. Gave him the details, den he asked for my contact no.

I was like " Die, i just changed my no. So i tried to remember my HP no. I was like "9**...**...*7" I scrolled to my phone book, to checkout my own no. ~Heng...

Gave the correct no, or else they thought is prank call...

Reached home, i told my mum about the whole incident. All she could say was " Next time don't do this, later they ask u to go police station to leave your statement, blah blah blah..."
I gave her the -__- face.

*I wonder how is the guy now...*
P.S: That photo above isn't easy to photoshop, that Shadow took me more time i need to write out the whole story...