Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Typical day in RP.

Just as the title suggest,It's another typical day in RP...
With a laptop in hand. Hoodie. Today's lesson is about Subnet Mask, some kinda of data communication thingy. So confusing...Before i go on...Guess what this picture is about...
So "Artistic" right? This photo shows Confusion. The confused state of mind,which the Wires depicts the movement and flow of thoughts.The different shades of Greys represents...
Reader: Alright, stop this nonsense and continue blogging -__-
Sorry, i was just crapping. Dunno how to describe the photo...The photo is just a typical scene of a classroom in RP.
Just lots and lots of wires twisted around and around...So messy right? But who cares? Everyone just left their wires "hanging", EXCEPT for me =)
Finally school ended. No one's going home with me.I wouldn't want to take the 168 home alone...~ So lonely, Mr lonely...
For the Past 3 days...I called my Dad to fetch me. "Manda, Yi han, Rinn! Where have you all been?!" =(
Life @ RP have never been so bored...
*Off to write a Blogshop advertorial*