Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ben & Jerry's FREE cone day

Arrived at Whitesands at about 6 plus...
"Wah, so many people queuing up for what? confirm is FREE stuff de...Singaporeans ma..."
Actually i know what's going on...Yesterday is Ben & Jerry's FREE cone day, decided to drop by one of the 8 stores that is participating in this event(Whitesands), and also to capture some photos to blog and also to try my luck in getting a cone.
The queue was SUPER long!!!
There was like housewives, couples, students etc queuing up for the FREE ice cream. Let me ask u all, who would spend 6 bucks to buy AN ice cream cone when 6 bucks could get u a good tub from sheng siong -___- Once in a while ok lah...But every few days? unless u are filthy rich =)
Eyeing on the ice cream...
Everyone is eyeing on the tubs and tubs of ice cream in the store...Now it's FREE, of course everyone would like to have a bite of this good quality expensive ice cream...Did u queue?
Ben & Jerry's
Everyone Almost everyone inside/ outside Whitesands was holding a cone, savoring the ice cream. The mall was filled with so many people...I did not get to share the FREE ice cream this year... Are they having it again next year?