Friday, May 2, 2008

Blog, Blog,Blog...

Alright, my mum is staring at me, making sure i am doing my 'homework' but I am actually blogging, but instead @, I am actually typing out everything in Microsoft Word so that I can copy and paste into blogger later, on the other hand, my mum is thinking that I am doing my homework essay. Smart right?

Don’t ask why my mum dun allow me to blog, it’s just that she finds that I been blogging too much, and not concentrating on my studies, and also blogging is useless. But hey, I have won an Ipod shuffle through blogging, okay? And there are more to come (hopefully…)

Blogging is an interest/hobby, definitely not a wasting/time ‘thing’ Alright, enough of this boring ranting. What I wanted to blog about is yesterday.

I promised my mum I would treat her to Lunch for her birthday, her birthday is on the 28th of April (same as Xiaxue), and I bought a cake for her that day and brought her out yesterday.

So can u guess where we went? Just by looking @ this photo.
Sakae Sushi
Yup, we went to Sakae Sushi. It has been long since she ever had Japanese, so I decided to bring her to Sakae. Forgot to take photo of the food when it arrived =(
Eating halfway
Already halfway when i remember that i haven't took photo of the food...
Camwhore-ed abit. I made all the orders, while to rest wait for the food to come (I’m paying for the meal, so I make the decision of what to eat!)
Me & my sis
That’s me and my sister. Making her first appearance on my blog. Nope, she got NO facebook, MSN, friendster nor blog. *cross finger*
This shot is trying to focus on the word – ‘Sakae Sushi’ on the sauce plate while I’m blur at the background…*Lousy phone* I have decided to change to SE K850i in 3 months time =)

To end off this post, let me show u the most stupid looking mouse in the whole wide world -_____-

Found in Sakae Sushi, Habourfront. *Pls poke eye to click*

I will be working from 11.30am to 10.30pm tomorrow, it means I won’t be blogging, but I will try the new blogger function - Scheduled post, so HOPEFULLY at about 4pm, my ‘prepared’ post will appear…

Have a nice weekend, people =)