Friday, May 16, 2008

*Ding Dong* Time to blog.


Haven't been blogging well lately, just look at my post yesterday *pouts*
It's time to blog about my life...


Sometimes,i can reach school @ 7.58pm.
But Most of the time - 8.45pm.Let me tell u all about today's extraordinary morning...

I was late (as usual), waiting for Bus #168 at seletar, couldn't get up the #168 cos it was too packed. So i waited and waited, people are starting to take cab (*humph* Why didn't they ask me to share cab...)

At 8.15am: An empty #168 came from opposite lane to my side, stop right in front of me, open the door and asked, "Going to Woodlands?" I was like "Yeah", the next thing i know, i was on the bus with another 5 supposedly Republican.

5 students in a Normally-packed-until-you-cannot-squeeze-in Double Decker Bus.
Cool, isn't it?

Well, i was still late at the end, but i enjoyed the ride =)

Random photo. Trying to clear those unpublished photos in my Photobucket. Oh ya, did u realise something different about my blogskin? Always wanted to change it, i want a blog skin like typical ben, the 2 columns on the right... but...nevermind, oh ya, notice the differences? I changed the background.

Credits by Jayden.