Thursday, May 29, 2008

" Dirty Old Man! "


The story goes like this...

Amanda went home with her classmate. Rinn's uncle came to fetch her. I was alone...ALL ALONE! My dad not free to fetch me. Asking me to walk alone to the interchange and wait for Bus 168 is like...
Asking me to go ALL THE WAY there just to go to the toliet. So i decided to take a another route home. I waited for Bus #169 from the bus stop infront of my school so that i could go to Yishun to take Bus #39 home. I was SUPER sleepy so i slept on the bus...The next thing i know, i reached Yishun Interchange. I switched to bus #39 and continue sleeping...
Suddenly this 'dirty-old-man' OR 'Ji ko peh' beside me leaned on me. Crossed his hand and TOUCHED ME!!! Stroking me as if i was his DICK! KNN! Ch**B**! F**K! I pretend to wake up, he then 'withdraw' his hand and pretend nothing happen. So i decided to test him by closing my eyes. THE SAME THING HAPPENED! Wah, Stroke until very 'shuang' sia.

So i decided to stay awake to prevent him from taking advantage...and i elbow-ed him in his ribs when he stood up to alight the bus =)Dare to take advantage of lim pek!

P.S: Many thanks to Rinn from Actuality-rinn for taking her time to draw the scenario out for me on her tablet PC =)

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