Sunday, May 25, 2008

Help the Sichuan Victims...

Just a random short update:

A charity show is showing on Channel 8 now...The motive is to raise funds for the Sichuan victims in the earthquake.
Help them
These few days i have been donating 2 bucks and 2 bucks to those asking for donation for the victims, let's do our part and donate some money to these people.

6 Bucks isn't a lot to most of us, One Macdonalds meal cost almost 6 bucks. So Singapore Bloggers, call 1900-112-5121 to donate $6 Bucks to the charity. If 6 bucks is too much, donate what you can to those asking for donation at the MRT station...

Also, Help by raising awareness in the blogosphere on your blog.